Editorial Services

  • Need to have your book edited before publication or want to tidy up a story you’ve already published?

I will use Microsoft Word to proofread and edit your story. Through a combination of track changes and comments I will correct typos and erroneous auto-completes and use comments to note inconsistencies in the plot, characterisation and setting. I’ll also point out anything that is awkward to read and sentences/concepts that I love.

  • Why should you trust me with your baby?

I’m an editorial assistant at Inspired Quill where I assess incoming submissions and edit existing titles. I also work as an academic proofreader and editor for Proofessor and have been with them for more than a year.

If qualifications are what you are looking for then I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

You can even check out my LinkedIn profile here.

  • What am I looking for?

I am a life long lover of fantasy of all types and that is my preferred genre to work in. I’m familiar with the tropes and clichés of genre and a good fantasy novel is how I like to pass my free time.

That said, I can work in other genres if I find your writing engaging. This comes with the caveat that I won’t be as familiar with the tropes and clinches and will approach the story with a different perspective. This can be a good thing if you want a fresh pair of eyes but not so good if you want someone to verify your originality.

  • Fees

I like to keep things simple so I charge a rate of £4 per thousand words for stories under 150,000 words. This is based off the word count provided by Microsoft Word. Longer stories are subject to negotiation.

  • Not sure if my services are for you?

Send me a sample and I’ll do my thing. If you like my work (and I like yours) – great, if not we can both move on and find someone more to our tastes. I promise not to hold it against you.

  • Still interested?

You can contact me here.